Логотип проекта "Полярная экспедиция "Картеш"

July 12, 2016

Kartesh on Novaya Zemlya back again

Sea View

Early in the morning the 2016 Interdisciplinary Arctic Expedition participants revisited cape Sakhanin of the Novaya Zemlya Yuzhny Island to pick up researchers and photographers and to disembark a group of ornithologists. The data that will be gathered by the scientists is utterly significant and relevant, as now thousands of birds are covering eggs and are getting prepared for migration.

After that the expedition headed to Petukhovsky archipelago to the abandoned trading post of Rusanovo, where a thick fog of the Kara Strait caught the vessel. Because of poor visibility, the rest of the day was dedicated to the research work of the LMSU Marine Research Center. The researchers continued studying benthos and now claim that that particular area has an exceptionally rich and diverse bottom, inhabited by a large number of various life forms.