Логотип проекта "Полярная экспедиция "Картеш"

February 16, 2016

“Polar Expedition: Step by Step” Exhibition opens in Moscow

Exhibition poster

The Arctic Region is alluring. Scientists, adventurers, artists, people of various backgrounds return there for the sake of new discoveries. The ”Polar Expedition: Step by Step” exhibition in the State Darwin Museum in Moscow features methods and approaches used by the marine arctic researchers from Lomonosov Moscow State University, and allows you to see the harsh land through the eyes of talented landscape photographers from Polar Expedition Gallery project. You will undoubtedly feel the mysterious magnetism of the Arctic.

“Polar Expedition: Step by Step” exhibition is dedicated to the 2015 complex arctic expedition organized by cultural and research project Polar Expedition Gallery in collaboration with the LMSU Marine Mammal Council. From July to October 2015 research vessel Kartesh transported researchers and landscape photographers along the Northern Sea Route. Murmansk – Naryan-Mar – Vaygach Island – Novaya Zemlya Archipelago – Yamal Peninsula – Gulfs of Ob and Taz. The participants partially repeated the route of the 1914 Georgy Sedov expedition and erected a memorial in abandoned settlement of Rynda (Kola Peninsula) to commemorate the expedition’s 100th return anniversary.

The Marine Research Center specialists in collaboration with the Marine Mammal Council experts and the WWF-Russia Barents Sea regional office employees conducted thorough research of the northern seas. Meanwhile, the photographers of the Polar Expedition Gallery project tried to capture the genuine Arctic beauty. Far North dwellers and polar station residents enjoyed exhibitions of top-quality central Russia photos: photography is a universal language, which bonds people from different regions and strengthens mutual trust and understanding.

The Darwin Museum visitors will have an opportunity to see the Arctic Region and feel the pulse of a faraway life.
Together with the exhibition authors, you will smile at the habits of Atlantic walruses and our avian friends. The research documentaries allow you to see the high latitude life as is; divers may appreciate the complexity of deep-water shootings. Apart from that, the exhibition features top-notch equipment used by geologists and biologists, including an underwater remotely operated vehicle.
Another opportunity you do not want to miss is meetings with the 2015 polar expedition participants. Researchers and photographers will share their impressions about the Arctic and tell about their discoveries.



Museum address: 57 Vavilova st., Moscow, Russia