Логотип проекта "Полярная экспедиция "Картеш"

July 27, 2015

Novaya Zemlya

Novaya Zemlya. Photo by Anton Nasyrov

The R/V Kartesh reached Cape Sakhanin at the southern tip of Novaya Zemlya without a hitch. This particular area has been poorly explored due to extremely rare navigation. Indented coastline of the bay and numerous hidden rocks pose a certain hazard for the vessel. The captain was ultimately attentive when making maneuvers, and Kartesh dropped anchor at a safe distance. We have decided to install a vertical scanning sonar during preparations for upcoming expeditions.

Ornithologists disembarked first; 12 kilometres of bird colonies were awaiting for them to research. After having fearlessly shooed away two polar bears, who had settled in a tumbled-down cabin, the scientists gave the go-ahead for the other expedition participants to disembark.

Three photographers, Alexander Terekhov, Andrey Yermakov and Vladimir Vaskin, left the comfort of city galleries and peaceful shootings of the central Russia behind; they took dozens kilograms of photoequipment along and disembarked, facing severe field conditions and loitering wild animals.

The weather condition on Novaya Zemlya archipelago is unpredictable, thus, expedition participants had enough food supplies, a satellite phone and pyrotechnical devices to repel polar bears.