July 16, 2015

R/V Kartesh scheduled upgrade carried out

Kartesh in Murmansk

R/V Kartesh has undergone a major scheduled upgrade, which ended July 2015. The works started more than a year ago, and the vessel has been significantly overhauled and modernized. Years of holding anchorage at the Murmansk harbor severely damaged the vessel. To restore Kartesh's classification certificate, the vessel had to undergo extensive repairs and end-to-end check of all her machinery and units under scrutiny of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
2014 has become a milestone for the R/V Kartesh, as she was reborn to carry out a multi-year research program within the frames of the Polar Expedition Gallery project. Kartesh successfully completed sea trials during November 2014 expedition. 

However, it was 2015 expedition that encouraged us to choose a nuanced approach to the vessel overhaul, as we planned the expedition route to lie in difficult navigation areas of the Barents, the White and the Kara seas. We set a task to expand navigation area to R1, to install a fresh-water generator, a satellite compass, a higher-end radiolocation station and to equip the vessel with the third motorboat.

Thus, modernization works started in April 2015, ended in June 2015 and featured:

  • JMA-3336 radiolocation station installation;

  • Transas T-105 AIS search and rescue transmitter installation;

  • Navgard Bridge Watch Monitoring System installation;

  • JLR-21 GPS compass installation;

  • Inmarsat-C Sailor 6110 Global Maritime Distress and Safety System installation;

  • fresh-water generator installation, which removes freshwater restrictions during long independent sailing;

  • Electronic Chart Display and Information System installation;

  • the vessel was equipped with an extra Poseidon-520 motorboat (engine: Suzuki 30 hp). Therefore, the quantity of motorboats on board the RV Kartesh was raised up to three.

Furthermore, we have installed two coring winches and a U-shaped gantry to launch research probes overboard. 

After the works had been complete, the experts of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping assigned the R/V Kartesh with KM*L4R1 certificate. These changes paved the way for new field operation opportunities and opened new horizons for the project. 

Concerted efforts of a vast number of experts from different Murmansk-based companies facilitated the modernization of the RV Kartesh. We express our gratitude to Roniks OOO, Era-Service OOO, Polarpor-Trading OOO for their work, which contributed to successful overhaul of the vessel.

We also express sincere gratitude to Baltkomplekt OOO, which provided us with TIZOL-FLOT heat-insulating material and items to install it. 

RMRS certificate
RMRS certificate

R/V Kartesh
R/V Kartesh

R/V Kartesh
R/V Kartesh

RMRS certificate
RMRS certificate

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