Логотип проекта "Полярная экспедиция "Картеш"
Судно "Картеш"

Polar Expedition Kartesh

Polar Expedition Kartesh is a cultural, educational and research project aimed at promoting the Arctic and establishing international and interregional ties via photography, and relevant research work.


Cultural and educational work:

  • Arranging photography exhibitions in remote and hard-to-reach Far North areas;

  • Implementing heritage projects in commemoration of the Arctic explorers and heroes;

  • Developing cultural ties among the Far North residents and the residents of other regions;

  • Carrying out art photography shootings and displaying exhibitions about the Arctic.


The Arctic zone multidimensional research and development in close collaboration with the Marine Research Center of Moscow State University and other designated organizations.

  • The assessment of the Arctic coastline vulnerability towards human impact;

  • Determining weather conditions that influence potential oil spill response efficiency on the West Arctic coastline. Marine and coastal ecosystem and the Arctic seas landform condition monitoring;

  • West Arctic biodiversity research;

  • Oil oxidizing microorganism activity research;

  • Historical and geographical analysis of the Pomor charts;

  • Testing new methods of water areas remote sensing;

  • Multidimensional research into the Arctic marine mammals (the Atlantic walrus and others) in collaboration with the Marine Mammal Council.