Polar Expedition Kartesh

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Project Director
Sergey Bedash
tel. +7 903 130-23-02
e-mail: cartesh19.7@mail.ru

Project creative director
Yaroslav Amelin 


co-founder and creative director of the Gallery of Classic Photography, 

member of the Moscow Union of Artists.
tel. +7 903 718 7171
e-mail: polargallery2014@gmail.com


Scientific Advisor

Olga Boyko

e-mail: olga.boyko@polar-expedition.ru

tel. +7 916 820 68 31

Moscow-based expedition preparations

Savvinskaya embankment 23/1
e-mail: polargallery2014@gmail.com


Murmansk-based expedition preparations
R/V Kartesh, Murmansk shipping company dockyards



Логотип проекта "Полярная экспедиция "Картеш"