Логотип проекта "Полярная экспедиция "Картеш"
Ярослав Амелин
Епископ Иаков
Открытие выставки
Открытие выставки
Стенды ЦМИ МГУ
Открытие выставки
Открытие выставки
Николай Шабалин

Arctic Expedition: Step by Step

April 23 - “Arctic Expedition: Step by Step” exhibition opens in the “Arctic” community center in Naryan-Mar. The exhibition was organized by the Polar Expedition Gallery project and the LMSU Marine Research Center and dedicated to the 2015 Arctic expedition on board the Kartesh. 24 works of the project photographers as well as the information posters about the MRC research work are exhibited.

The opening ceremony featured speeches of Nikolay Shabalin (LMSU MRC), Yaroslav Amelin (Polar Expedition Gallery), the bishop of Naryzn-Mar and Mezen Iakov and the “Arctic” community center employees.


Four lectures of Nikolay Shabalin and Yaroslav Amelin preceded the opening ceremony.